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Cleaning & Repair

Rug Cleaning & Repair

Rug Cleaning 

Your rug deserves the best care and cleaning available. Bring your rug to The Rug Gallery. Our equipment and process are designed to clean your rug gently and thoroughly in our local facility. We are experts in rug cleaning and care, and take pride in restoring your rug to the best possible condition. 

Maintenance Care is for rugs that have been well maintained and in generally good condition; we provide gentle, effective cleaning that will extend the life of your rug. Additional services are available that can help freshen, protect and restore your rugs. Learn more about our process. 


The Rug Gallery has an expert rug repair department that is well stocked with hundreds of colors of wool and all the findings necessary to keep your rugs in excellent condition. 

Our skilled hands can repair worn or damaged edges and ends, which are often the first to show signs of wear. We can overcast ends to prevent further unraveling, hand sew new fringes, or rewrap worn edges. By promptly attending to any areas that need attention, we can not only prevent further damage to your rug, but also help you avoid a more costly repair in the future. 

Rugs that have been damaged can be restored. Professional repair is recommended for: 
• Worn fringes 
• Moth damage 
• Pile wear 
• Unraveling and snags 
• Selvage wear 
• Mold/mildew remediation 
• Stain and pet damage 

In many cases, restoration can make your rug look like new. Heirloom rugs can often be rejuvenated and returned to their classic appearance. 

Repair & Resizing 

Reducing rugs in size is a specialty, and can give your rug a new place in your home. Our staff can accomplish the excellent results that will revitalize your rugs.